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We approach each project as an opportunity for innovation whether it is in the form of a new company concept, website and logo or an existing website overhaul.....
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hosting services

New Koncepts offers the very best in web hosting and email services. Our easy to use yet extremely powerful built-in features makes this a great choice for business or personal use when you need the most from your Internet applications.

Something that sets us apart from most hosting companies, we will help you with whatever mail server or mail client you are using  to download your mail. You won't get "sorry we only support outlook".

website hosting
New Koncepts supports the tools necessary to create the most stunning, fast and powerful global websites. Our website services also offer options for Secure Site encryption. We offer both Windows or Linux hosting. If your website is written in .net technology with Access or SQL backend or PHP with MYSQL backend we have a solution.

SMTP mail feeds

We provide smtp feeds that are spam filtered, this type of feed is ideal for those of you that run MS Exchange or equivalent as your mailserver.


Our mailservers support the POP3 standard and can be used from email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. You have the option of POP3 or VPOP3 accounts. A VPOP3 account recieves mail for wheras a POP3 account recieves mail for . All email accounts have spam protection, you are able to set the level of spam protection you require from an easy to use control panel.

All of our POP3 mail accounts have the facility to access them via webmail, as long as you have access to the internet and a web browser you can check your mail from anywhere in the world.
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